Mercury Films is a high-touch, high-care digital cinema production company. Our mission is to make films that inspire people. That is both an aspirational goal and a practical vision. We believe that our work and creative approach embody our core values. We strive to delight our audience, be the best at our craft, allow form to follow function, turn obstacles into opportunities, and lastly, be authentic.

Chris Lawing, Director & Director of Photography

Chris Lawing


I’ve been a filmmaker for over 20 years. Even before I picked up a camera, I had a pen. And that has been the foundation for my filmmaking career and the basis to making good films. I can talk about a few statues that collect dust in my office or name drop some films festivals but I believe my films speak for themselves. Check them out.

Angie Lawing, Executive Producer & Director

Angie Lawing


I'm a veteran producer, director and writer of countless marketing videos, commercials and shorts films. My films have played in film festivals, living rooms and boardrooms across the country.

Derek Weikle, Art Director & Production Guru

Derek Weikle


I've put up with Chris and Angie for seven years. Where's the statue or plaque for that? Angie calls me Mercury's renaissance man, working as Mercury's graphic designer, from digital to print and motion, to Chris' camera assistant to the guy who builds random things. Is that renaissance or what?

Tirzah Clerc, Associate Producer & Stylist

Tirzah Clerc


(Tear-zuh) Making people and things pretty is her specialty. That, and keeping everyone on task and on schedule. Tirzah brings an intense attention to detail to all her creative endeavors. A desire to organize and make things happen are tinders to her flames of achievement.